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Chinese hot melt market needs more technology and specification
Chinese hot melt market needs more technology and specification
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 According to some chemical technical director said, leather shoes, sports shoes 90% used adhesive manufacture process. All kinds of shoes of with adhesive, the most important of the glue stick, adhesive performance requirements is the highest. Also shoemaking enterprise, adhesive production enterprise of the most attention adhesive varieties. Now at the end of the stick adhesive both at home and abroad, essentially neoprene, polyurethane primarily.

 Domestic market sales, the mainstream of the organic solvent for rubber, plastic material has good penetration. Domestic organic solvent use experienced benzene, toluene, xylene different stages. These solvent if measures undeserved, can seriously poisoning the operator and pollution of the environment, in 2003, the shoes and bags with adhesive "national standards promulgated and implemented formally, limit the use of benzene. Alternative use of ketone, lipid and mixed solvent, reduce toxicity. Since then the individual illegal manufacturer is the use of 1.2-two monomer (VCM) solvent production adhesive. G b on two made 5% of set limit to monomer (VCM) regulation, but the Guangzhou poison glue incident, test results, the poison glue are two monomer (VCM) content to 60%. The many people think, as technology advances, in the revised national standard, in view of the toxicity of monomer (VCM), and relevant departments should consider disabled. Also avoid to an illegal manufacturer.

 Glue toxic, mainly is the interest in time. Due to the use of adhesive solvent type and quality as well as the content of solvent, the cost of adhesive influence. Therefore, illegal manufacturer of interests. Choose inferior low solvent materials. So, manage "poison glue" should be from a source grabbed the glue producers. Lin Huayu said, as long as adhesive still use organic solvent, adhesive "toxic" of always hard to completely remove. But the good production and use two way to pass, can avoid workers poisoning.

 Lin Huayu director, points out that in the product research and development and formula design, according to the national standard strictly choose the control of raw materials, to use the should not use not, don't understand side effects do not use, on market now some enterprise may use two chlorine propane, are hexane, armor of acetal etc, has the potential risk.



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