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Over the years, the Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Xiuning Xindecheng, with its first-class technical team and advanced scientific management, the company's sales volume continues to expand, the products sell well in more than 30 provinces across the country, with the majority of customers at home and abroad to establish a good business contacts, well received, and gradually form a combined business trade, production, supply, marketing, one-stop service business model.

   To provide users with a convenient full service, and has won the praise of the community with a high-quality product quality, our factory with a certain stock on each product model, and will not affect customer demand for emergency orders.

   In retrospect, we and customers cooperation of the manufacturers are very pleasant, and won critical acclaim. Looking ahead, the company staff will continue to work hard, innovate, within the quality of integrity, quality service and sincerely, hoping that the good co-operation with our customers, toward a brilliant!


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Tel:  86 0559 7519970   Fax: 86 0559 7519971 Address: China Anhui Xiuning Yao and Shun Technology Park 

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